Imagine an event without disposable food cartons and cups littering the grounds.

We bring you Dishrupt™

Disrupting our dependecy on disposables. Dishrupt™ provides onsite solutions to Events, through the provision of reusable dishes and cups. In its first year Dishrupt displaced the use of 50,000 disposables by providing reusable dishes.

Sustainable Queenstown also provide a comprehensive Waste Management Framework and Waste Auditing Serrvice. If you would like your event to be dishrupted, join leaders such as Luma Southern Light Project, Queenstown Winter Festival, IronMan, and Searchlight Brewery by contacting Sustainable Queenstown to Dishrupt your event.

Dishrupt your event – get in touch below:

Let us know your skills, experience and ideas or why you'd like to work with Sustainable Queenstown.

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